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Bookkeeping Done Right!


At AMR Business Solutions we take pride in knowing that we carefully manage all our client’s bookkeeping. Our goal is to help you achieve the next level of business success at the same time keeping your accounting stress to an all time low. We do not just maintain your bookkeeping we act as a full-scale strategic partner. It is our top priority to accurately track revenue and expenses, identify key performance indicators and minimize the time you will need to spend so you can focus on growing your business. At tax time we can send your documents directly to your CPA for a streamlined experience.

A good strategy is a key to a successful business and it starts with accurately structuring your bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the foundation of a great business!

We are certified public bookkeepers with a high degree of experience, expertise, specialized knowledge and ethical responsibility. We give extra assurance that your books and business get the best possible care.

List of services we provide:

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable – Payables are liabilities, Receivables are assets
  • Bank Reconciliations – The process of matching balances in accounting records to information on bank statements.
  • Budgets – A set financial plan for a defined period of time.
  • Clean up Chart of Accounts – Clean up, set up & balance assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses.
  • Improve Efficiencies – Review, fix issues & put a new streamlined system in place.
  • Job Costing / Time Billing – The most effective way to ensure there is profitability.
  • Monthly Financial Reports, Income Statements – Summarize results from revenue, expenses, gain and loss transactions.
  • Organize Year End Paperwork – By maintaining order throughout the year, year-end paperwork will be a smooth process.
  • Quarterly Check-Ins – Quarterly review, monitoring, and management.
  • Sales Invoicing / Billing – Facilitate customer payments for services provided.
  • Sales Tax Calculation and Remittance – Follow rules and regulations with accurate and timely reports and remittances.
  • Verify and/or Reclassify Transactions – Find transactions that may have an incorrect account and reclassify them into the correct account.
  • Workman Compensation Audits – The process that determines how much the compensation has changed at year’s end so that the final premium paid can be made proportionate to the actual compensation amount.
  • Quickbooks Training –  Comprehensive and up to date training.

Have peace of mind! Trust us at AMR Business Solutions to handle all of your bookkeeping needs.  You will be happy you did. Do not wait! Call us today at (973) 946-8401


I use to spend hours upon hours doing my own bookkeeping.  I was so frustrated and worried about doing everything right. One day I came across AMR and i am so very happy. They are truly amazing, made my life so much easier!

Charlie C

General Contractor

I own my own salon & between my work and family I needed to find a way to have some free time with my family. AMR was recommended to me and I am so thankful to my best friend. I no longer have to worry about bookkeeping and filings on time.

Lori F

Beauty Plus Salon

I was looking for someone to train me in Quickbooks. A friend of mine recommended AMR Business Solutions. I am so happy she did. I learned so much in a short amount of time. I feel so organized. I am happy to know my work is now being done correctly.

Donna P